Where to make friends

To get in touch with other people coming to Secret fetish party, maybe to organize a trip together towards Milano, you can access our official Facebook page clicking here.

Where to shop

Milano has some interesting fetish shops. Secret suggests:

Bushido - V. Andrea Doria 48/a (in galleria)
Paradise Lounge - 5 Giornate c/o Coin (piano 7)
Agent Provocateur - V. Radegonda 5 c/o La Rinascente
Madame V - Via Senato, 45
Tendenze - Via Petrella, 4
– Via G.G. Mora, 7
Lo Zoccolaio – Galleria Buenos Aires, 12
Dark Strawberry - Via Lecco, 7
Deadline - Via Hajech, 3
Angélique DeVil
- Via Cerva, 7
Sex Sade - Via Casati, 8

And if you want to use the occasion for some shopping, you can find a few guides here, here and here.

Where to eat

A complete (by food style) guide to all the possibilities in town is here, while here is a commented one. If you can read Italian we heartily suggest this and this guidebooks.

Milano is also Italy's happy hour capital: a guide to the best ones is here.

Where to stay

Below here you can find the hotels closest to Secret. You can search for more here or here.

**** Hotel Quark
*** Hotel Alga
*** Hotel Giardino
*** Hotel Sbranetta

Where to play

Close to the date of Secret there are no other fetish or BDSM parties announced in Milano. However, if you are planning a long stay you might want to visit Sadistique or Ultimo Lunedì, Italy's longest running BDSM parties.