Fetish, Burlesque, Bdsm, Leather, Latex, Uniform, Goth, Zentai, Dark, Gaga, Sexy, Hentai, BizarreJust wearing black won't be sufficient!

If you need to change inside there is a dressing room available, but you'll have to show your intended attire to the gate staff. Fetish isn't just latex dresses and stiletto heels: of course they are gorgeous, but there are also many other ways to express your sensuality and uniqueness through your look. You only have to dare, show, be special - so unchain your fantasy and create a look to be original, exciting, extraordinary... fetish!

Find your inspiration in the past parties photos, or follow our tips:

Avoid ordinary clothes
Secret is a special event requiring a special look: free your fantasy and leave your everyday clothings to let your true personality through!

Go for unusual materials
Latex, leather, Pvc, metal, lycra... why limit yourself to common textiles when there are so many other opportunities to let your sensuality shine?

Don't be shy
Secret is a fetish party: normal decency concerns apply, but showing a little more skin won't scandalize anyone.

Mind the details
You don't need to smother yourself with latex to get a great dresscode: sometimes a single detail can make the whole look.

This is not a masked ball
Invent your own character with an original, exciting, adorable, unique, sensual look... But don't mistake Secret for a masked ball!